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GARDEN (2008-ongoing)

Garden (series) Garden (sculpture)

"The garden I charted was a small affair about the size of a small city lot in the United States. It was covered with a riotous growth so luxuriant and so apparently planless that any ordinary American or European visitor, accustomed to the puritanical primness of north European gardens, would have supposed (if he even chanced to realize it was indeed a garden) that it must be a deserted one. Yet when I went through it carefully I could fine no plants which were not useful to the owner in some way or another. "- Edgar Anderson. Plants, Man, and Life, 1967.

Garden is a series of projects on the theme of garden that proposes several questions : What are the origins of the word “garden’’? What roles have gardens played in society, throughout civilization? What purpose do they serve? And what are the benefits and for whom?

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Garden (sculpture)
B.C. Garden at Night I (video)
B.C. Garden at Night II (video)