Jerry Maguires’s AlterNative EcoNomiEs

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If we wish to thwart the current perverse economic logic of capitalism, we must do so with equally twisted alternatives. Using Jerry Maguire's Manifesto as a corner stone, can we imagine building a new society with ‘Workers’ Saunas’, ‘Autonomous Yoga Zones’, ‘Community Supported Tropical Agriculture’, ‘Local Kwon Currency’, ‘Time-Warp Banks’, and other ‘Open Sourcery' projects?

The Things We Think But Do Not Say, The Future of Art Business has been made available as an artist multiple at the Queens Museum in 2014.

Kwan prototype v1, has been included in the exhibition Currency As Space from March 5th to March 27th, 2014 in the Croatian Society of Fine Artists' HDLU Treasury and Mint gallery. The gallery is located inside the Square of the Victims of Fascism designed by Ivan Meštrović and built in central Zagreb, Croatia.

Jerry Maguires’s AlterNative EcoNomiEs © Antonio Serna
Jerry Maguires’s AlterNative EcoNomiEs © Antonio Serna

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