Same Sun / Calendar

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“The past is never dead. It's not even past.” –William Faulkner

Calendar is a video project that weaves together various personal and historical sites on tectonic maps that range from 350 to 65 million years ago. Sites highlighted include Jebel Irhoud in Morocco where the bones of the first Homo Sapiens were found, to Marfa, Texas the mecca for artist Donald Judd.

By juxtaposing various disparate sites throughout vast amounts of time and space, we are led to re-experience a non-linear history of the Western world through an unexpected lens. This is a calendar that suggests we inhabit a fluid world interconnected through time and space via persistent visual forms and motifs.

Video still: 245 Ma: Finger Lakes, Q'al at Hamra, Crystal Palace.
Video still: 280 Ma: Marfa, World Trade Center, Jebel Irhoud.