Paper Tiger Television 1984 program on Artists' Call (CC-BY Paper Tiger Television)

Art for the Future

“Moving Foward Together”, a new photographic series from Documents of Resistance has been included in Art for The Future: Artists’ Call and Central American Solidarities, a major group exhibtion and archive referencing back to the 1984 nation-wide Artists’ Call Against U.S. Intervention in Central America

Documents of Resistance © Antonio Serna

Documents of Resistance

Documents of Resistance is a project by artist/activist Antonio Serna that focuses on protest by artists of color. These 'Timelines' were created in order to build a visual context for the period in which these protests occurred. By mapping out the history of activism by people of color we can begin to consider their role in shaping our cultural institutions and the implications within the larger struggle against cultural racism and repression that affects us on a personal and collective level.

The Same Sun / Calendar © Antonio Serna

480 Ma: Lago de Texcoco, Memphis, Fresh Kills (2020)

Continuing in the series of The Same Sun / Calendar 480 Ma is the latest work-in-progress video exploration. This chapter began with research into Freshkills Park, one of the largest recently rehabiliated land fills in the world.

The Same Sun/Calendar © Antonio Serna

The Same Sun / Calendar

a video project that weaves together various personal and historical sites on tectonic maps that range from 350 to 65 million years ago. By juxtaposing various disparate sites throughout vast amounts of time and space, we are led to re-experience a non-linear history of the western world through an unexpected lens. This is a calendar that suggest we inhabit a fluid world interconnected through time and space via persistent visual forms and motifs.

Bodies Language © Antonio Serna

Bodies Language

Archival inkjet prints

Jerry Maguires’s AlterNative EcoNomiEs © Antonio Serna

Jerry Maguires’s AlterNative EcoNomiEs

Using Jerry Maguire's Manifesto as a corner stone, can we imagine building a new society with ‘Workers’ Saunas’, ‘Autonomous Yoga Zones’, ‘Community Supported Tropical Agriculture’, ‘Local Kwon Currency’, ‘Time-Warp Banks’, and other ‘Open Sourcery Projects’?

Concentric Boxes (The World Builds Itself a World) © Antonio Serna

Concentric Boxes (The World Builds Itself a World)

Found packaging cardboard boxes

The box is itself a contaner for other boxes. It has the possibility of containing itself infinitely inward and outward.

Civil Twiling © Antonio Serna

Civil Twiling


It's been a while since the message was as important as the message. In an attempt to make sense of the world, it's perhaps more useful to embrace ambiguity and accept the world as being in perpetual twilight.

Lucky Penny © Antonio Serna

Lucky Penny

Acrylic on cardboard. Varius locations.



Collectively sharing art

artCommons changes the way we experience art by changing the way it circulates within our communities.

Let 100 Flowers Bloom © Antonio Serna

Let 100 Flowers Bloom
A 100 Schools of Thought Contend
Keeping with the _ _ _ _ Idea

Spray paint on paper

Quotes from Mao Zedong and Christopher D'Arcangelo in various locations in NYC.

Solo Shows (Commonalities I)


I made an open call in Berlin to explore the idea of collaboration and cooperation in both artwork and method. The exhibition was shaped by democratic process and defined by unplanned eposodes while participants put down their differences and working towards a common goal.

Participants/collaborators: Antonio Serna, Are You Meaning Company, Ayaka Okutsu, Bruno Antunes, Christine Cheung, Christian Hincapie, Darren Jones, Diego Chamy, Futo Akiyoshi+Kouichi Tabata, Kristin Trethewey, Lorenzo Sandoval, Mai Yamashita + Naoto Kobayashi, Michael Lee, Snack HATOBA

Discrete Power © Antonio Serna

Discrete Power

Curated by Antonio Serna

Artists: Hsiao Chen, Lacey Fekishazy, Pablo Gomez-Uribe, Kristen Kee, Julia Kul, Carlos Little, Rachel Mason, Lucas Michael, Andrew Prayzner, Colette Robbins, Begonia Santa-Cecilia, Ama Saru, Antonio Serna, Jacob Zurilla

RE-INSCRIBING THE CITY: Unitary Urbanism Today

RE-INSCRIBING THE CITY: Unitary Urbanism Today

Panel discussion with Ethan Spigland, Adeola Enigbokan, Dillon de Give, Blake Morris, The Walk Study Group, and Wilfried Hou Je Bek. Organized and moderated by Antonio Serna. Event held at Judson Memorial Church, NY.

The Ascension © Antonio Serna

The Ascension

Cardboard from found packaging boxes, grommets.

Purno © Antonio Serna


Pruno was an act to recreate the wine secretly made by incarcerated prisoners. It's an attempt to unite the world inside and outside of the industrial prison complex. It also serves as a reminder of the perseverance of a culture and ritual that is repressed and hidden from sight.

American Progress © Antonio Serna


Oil on canvas, marker on cardboard, paper cup

Lunch is a replica of a homeless sign balanced with a replica of the 1872 allegorical oil painting by America pioneer artist Jonathan Gast titled American Progress. Progress and the problem it seeks to over come are inseparable, but which do you think came first?

Wall © Antonio Serna

Wall (Strikes)

Graphite and color pencil on paper. 19" x 24"

Good Morning Baghdad © Antonio Serna

Good Morning Baghdad

Good Morning Baghdad is a parasite newspaper cover wrapper attempts to scrape dispersed media sources in order to consolidate text, images, and video under a single outlet for street consumption. By doing so providing a dense picture of the Iraq War. Published sporadically, it's cover photos illustrate the death count by bombings per month in Iraq. The back page is the Arts & Culture section profiling the looted art of Iraq since the Gulf War. The paper was left in subway and varius location for people to discover.

After Image © Antonio Serna

After Image

Curated by Antonio Serna

Artists: Darren Bader, Hsiao Chen, Kelsey Harrington, Ariel Herrera, Lansing-Dreiden, Jon Meyer, John Monteith, Arthur Ou, Yadir Quintana, Ama Saru, Antonio Serna, Suzanne Song, Peggy Tan, Matthew Wilson, Dominik Wyka, and Jacob Zurilla.