New images for the 2020 installation of Documents of Resistance—Our Oppressions are Connected

Archive station for Documents of Resistance


2020 was a year. Despite everything, I pressed forward to produce at least one exhibition of some of the new work that was to have been displayed at James Madison University, which as canceled due to covid-19. This new iteration was mostly virtual, although safety regulated appointments could be made to visit the display. As you can imagine the work presented in the exhibition is highly detailed and requires a lot of in person time to untangle and digest, but for now this virtual presentation and a few images in the Documents of Resistance project page would have to suffice for now.

I also held two online events, interviews with BIPOC artist to discuss the focus of the exhibition and either their relation or understanding about the history captured in the work and a presentation of their related work. My first guest was Dan S. Wang for a visual exploration into D.R.U.M. and asked him to select some images in the history of D.R.U.M. to discuss over Zoom. Coincidentally I also invited, Sandra De La Loza, another artists living in Los Angeles to the second visual exploration and discussion. In addition to a presentation overview of some of her work, we spoke more generally about our work relation to archives. More of which can be discussed in a later news post. Which reminds me, I need to transcribe and upload those videos here, hoping I can get to that before the summer is over.  

[...] I can still remember feeling very nervous in the gallery in Virginia, before the exhibition had been canceled, thinking that the virus had already entered New York City and was spreading fast. On the drive home I kept imagining the worst case scenario. And so it was. And maybe to counter lock-down blues I managed to get the work out.