Work In Progress, Seminar Notes 1 

untitled work in progress excerpt. video 2022-

ABOVE: Screenshots from Untitled- Work in Progress. Excerpt. Video 2022-

“In his text for Picasso. Fifty Years of His Art (1939), [Alfred H.] Barr drew strategic differences: he separated the artist from the man and Guernica from the rest of his work, from propaganda, and from the specific context in which it had been painted; he distinguished Picasso’s political position from the position of the Communist Party and turned him instead into a representative of the Allies and their policies.”

-"The Power of Interpretation (or How MoMA explained Guernica to its audience)" Andrea Giunta, 2017.

Gathering texts for a seminar that I've been co-developing, in this section I've focused on contextualizing the birth the American modern art museum and the [...]

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Blue Mountain Center - Benefit Auction (2022)

I've donated artwork to raise funds for Blue Mountain Center, a very special sanctuary space in upstate New York that is a year-round host to many artists/activist/organizers seeking refuge, rest, and time for self-care, healing, re-energizing, and even strategizing. (As a lead up to organizing with People's Cultural Plan-I've workshopped ideas on how to address the lack of diversity in NYC's museums and also on creating a commons of art and culture with other residents during my stay! ✊👀 )


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OWS 10 Year Anniversary + XR

Left: Extinction Rebellion (XR)  wood pyramid frame structure blocade  with protesters chained to each leg of the structure as a protest on Wall Street Sept 17, 2011. Right: Giant metal sculpture "Pyramidion"by artist Mark Di Suvero, installed in a in a green field. The pyramid shape of which is mimmicked by the XR blocade structure on the left.


In case you missed it, Extinction Rebellion NYC (XR) had an eventful post-pandemic reemergence on Occupy Wall Street's 10 year anniversary September 17 (S17) —-I was excited to see XR doing direct actions throughout the city again. I love these blockades - those pyramid things always remind me of Mark Di Suvero— maybe we can get NYC's Department of Cultural Affairs, current Commissioner to support 50 of these blockades around the city as part of NYC's public art program??? Here is a decent round up of XR's activities throughout the day:



On Writing, Reflecting

Take What You Can't Get panel video screenshot


I’ve been hoping to write more this year (and last year too, to be honest) but with life's interruptions finding the time to write and then structure the writing in a meaningful way has been difficult. So maybe these first attempts seem fragmented and disconnected at the moment, but I felt it was better to get it out sooner while the thoughts are fresh in my mind. Maybe in the future I worry about stitching it all together in to a longer piece.



Take What You Can't Get Panel Recording Now Online

Photo of an exhibition showing a white table with archive items in the foreground. Hanging on the two rear walls are art objects: on the left wall there is a poster of Detroit’s Revolutionary Union Movement’s Slate, and hanging on the right wall is a sculpture made of many laminated images related to Detroit’s Revolutionary Black Workers Movement (1960s-1970s) all linked together by a beaded chain and arranged rather randomly


The Zoom video recording for the panel "Fostering a Healthy Artworld Ecosystem" is now online. The panel was part of the exhibition "Take What You Can't Get" curated by Christina Freeman via the ABCnoRio Collective here in the East Village.

The panel was held on December 3, 2020 and included the amazing artists/organizers Alicia Grullon, Shawn Escarciga, and moderated by Christina Freeman