Work In Progress, Seminar Notes 1 

untitled work in progress excerpt. video 2022-

ABOVE: Screenshots from Untitled- Work in Progress. Excerpt. Video 2022-

“In his text for Picasso. Fifty Years of His Art (1939), [Alfred H.] Barr drew strategic differences: he separated the artist from the man and Guernica from the rest of his work, from propaganda, and from the specific context in which it had been painted; he distinguished Picasso’s political position from the position of the Communist Party and turned him instead into a representative of the Allies and their policies.”

-"The Power of Interpretation (or How MoMA explained Guernica to its audience)" Andrea Giunta, 2017.

Gathering texts for a seminar that I've been co-developing, in this section I've focused on contextualizing the birth the American modern art museum and the [...]

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